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We have built a strong and efficient process for delivering high quality websites at an affordable price.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with this process before you start working with us.

Take a look below, but if you want to discuss the process in more detail contact us and we will be happy to meet you and guide you through it.

Our Method


Project Phases 1 – 3

Every great site starts with a conversation
We work with you to understand your goals and help develop solutions to create a powerful website that will offer what you want to the user.
Even at the promotion stage we will provide you with ideas that will make you perform better online. Next, we will build a strong foundation where your goals and strategies will be integrated to create a user-friendly map and site structure.

This becomes a journey of discovery for many customers where they understand what the user is asking for and determine what they really need.

Impressive design & structured content presentation


Project Phases 4 – 6

We create elegant, modern and inspiring designs that are visible in the right way from mobile devices, but also with dynamic vision from desktops.
Using the data gathered at the analysis stage we create an impressive design and a hierarchy of information that prioritizes ease of use.
We consider accessibility for all users as an integral part of our design philosophy ensuring that your brand addresses and works for everyone.
The websites we create are loved by our customers and their customers in turn. Take a look at our portfolio and see why.


Project Phases 7 – 9

Special aesthetics in combination with advanced technology


The eyes stop at the websites we create, because they are visually impressive. But we do not stop there. We create strong code and use platforms that will not disappoint your business or organization. We use custom code to do exactly what you want and industry standards to optimize the availability and performance of your site.
We make it easy for you to update your site, giving you complete control over your content.
We develop and support industry standard solutions using the WordPress content management system and for WooCommerce e-commerce.
Quality & security after delivery of the project


Project Phases 10 – 12

We make every effort to offer you the assurance that you have the right team that takes care of the presence of your company or organization on the internet.
Your site will be properly optimized for SEO, thoroughly tested and compliant with industry standards.
We also ensure that you have the confidence and are fully trained to update your site, giving you the control you have always wanted.
Our after care packages will ensure the availability of your site with scheduled maintenance to keep it up to date, backup, security management and more.


a new digital experience

We can help you create a new website, e-commerce platform, extensive blog, impressive portfolio or anything else on the internet.

Whether it is a small internal application or a platform for thousands of customers, we can help you create your product.

We create simple products for complex companies, provoking assumptions with a lens that focuses on the user.

We help our customers translate complex requirements into easy-to-use products to provide an experience that helps their customers solve problems – ultimately leading to a definite increase in business value.

What we do for you

During the project, we will work with you through a series of project phases.

Phases of the project

Business discovery and analysis
In the Discovery phase we analyze your business case, your target audience, your competition, your key messages and any digital historical data, if any. We define the goals of the project, clarify the technical field, document user stories and map the progress of the project.
Architecture & Content
We check content and develop the application sitemap. We present the pages in the form of wireframes as well as the feeds that the users will follow. We conduct a keyword research exercise that will form the foundation of your SEO strategy.
UX Design

Our designs are fully customized & pixel perfect, guided by your brand and the needs of your target audience. We present design templates that incorporate high quality multimedia elements and offer a customized and innovative user experience. All designs are scalable and based on a UX style guide.

CMS configuration
Configure the Content Management System (CMS) and the architectural foundations of your solution. We configure network and host configurations, development environments, user rights, and custom workflows. We build your sitemap, custom data fields, templates, prepare links to any third-party API, and design your content relocation strategy.
Web Development & Applications
During this phase we will develop the front-end and back-end of your site. We create the application of your website and incorporate the logic of the customers in it. We are adequately and constantly updated with the technologies required to develop cutting-edge technologies and digital user experiences.
Integrations of third party systems
Based on user stories, technical analysis, data modeling as recorded in the Discovery phase, we implement third-party system integrations based on the scope of the project. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all systems are connected and working optimally.
CMS Training & System
The online solution will be created to allow both technical and non-technical users to work on the site at the same time but with complete independence. We will provide training and guidance on CMS so that your team can upload content freely.
Upload content and migrate
We relocate content and support your team throughout the content upload process. We are ready to make any corrections / adjustments required as we see the impact of the actual content on the site.
Quality Assurance Test
Once the design and programming is complete, we will start testing the performance of your site with the Quality Assurance process. We use various tools to benchmark your site in terms of loading, response, speed and ensure that there are no errors or mistakes.
User acceptance test
Delivery of the final web solution depends on whether the deliverable adheres to the project documentation recorded during the design phase, as well as the successful presentation of each page. Once we receive your acceptance and you are ready to publish the site to the public, we make it visible to both visitors and search engines.
Solution development
When replacing an existing site, it is important to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing any potential loss of traffic. To ensure this, we create the appropriate 301 redirects so that URLs from your old site that have been indexed by search engines or linked to external sites will be redirected to your new site.
Hosting and ongoing support
Live streaming is just the beginning of the life of your site or application and a consistent ongoing support relationship is the key to ensuring success in the long run. Our team can provide a variety of ongoing support options based on your needs.

Why you should choose us as your web design partner …


All the web designs we create use the award-winning and top content management system in the world – WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS gives you the freedom to fully control and update your website whenever you want.


Every Website Design we create works on all devices: iPad, tablet, mobile phones, laptops and computers.
We make sure your site looks great on all screen sizes, giving potential new customers the best experience.


WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce CMS on the market – it has many features, it is easy to manage in the backend and it is well supported.
fully specialized

WordPress & eCommerce
Web Design Specialists

We work with companies that want to expand their online business and create custom web experience design to get the desired result.

Whether we are building a corporate website or a complex e-commerce application, we always provide products that meet the highest standards, products that meet the needs of your business and exceed your expectations.

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