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landing page · microWEB · liteWEB · proWEB

Custom web design is a great choice for those who already have a vision for what they would like to have on their site and do not want to be constrained by traffic plans.

Do you want to add a section? No problem. Don’t like the font? Let’s change it. Are you looking for a completely different color scheme? Sure, we will change that too.

We provide you with the unlimited design process and access to a temporary domain to see the progress of the work before we do something live to the public.

You will receive updates on all phases of the project, from the initial plans to the full site.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with the design before we start building the site, ensuring that you are happy with the whole process.

All our packages are popular for these reasons.

Do not just listen to what we tell you, but see what our other amazing customers have to say.

Effective presence – low cost

Website design

one page (Landing Page)

One-page websites are a great way to get an effective online presence at a very low cost.
One-page scrolling sites are ideal for displaying information about your company, the services you offer, a collection of your projects, your collaborations and your contact information.

We deliver to you, without extra charge a contact page (contact form, your details and map with your address and route).


microWEB design package

Up to 5 pages, Mobile Friendly, a great way to get started

liteWEB design package

Some companies want a professionally designed website, but at the same time require only a small number of pages and do not need some of the advanced features offered by the most expensive web design packages.

This is why the lite WEB web design package, a smaller solution, is suitable for many businesses.

proWEB design package

If you do not want any restrictions on the number of pages that your site will have or you would like to create something bigger and / or more complex, then our proWEB design package is the right choice for you.

NewsLetters · eMail Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that allows customers on your email list to know about new products, discounts and other services.

It can also be a milder form of selling – educating your audience about the value of your brand – keeping you interested in shopping


Choose from an innumerable number of templates (.ptt templates, google keynotes, etc.) and impress with the presentation of your products, your services, your company.


Companies need a video marketing strategy – this idea is not new. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel.

Video is no longer just a part of the overall marketing plan. It is central to your approach and campaign efforts… especially your social media strategy …

Attracting users with impressive websites

Specialized and cost-effective solutions eCommerce

We are sure you will not find a better & more special offer than that.

Everything you need is included

Web Site

Domain Name




Email Address


Basic SEO

Social Media


Dynamic Maps

Google Analytics

Google Console

Mobile Friendly

Let’s tell your story together

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