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We design and build beautiful e-commerce websites. With SEO optimized database as standard, inventory and customer management, related products, discount codes and all the other features you would expect from an e-commerce content management system.

Every e-commerce website we create is designed and built by us. We offer a number of off-site payment portals for you to choose from.

When your site goes live, you have full content management so you can update your site whenever you want and we offer technical support for your site.

Attracting users with impressive websites

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Generate more sales on your site with user-focused design and functionality

eComm WEB

Consumers love the web. They want to buy, they want to sell and they want to make any kind of transaction from the comfort of their keyboard.

Consumers need to feel safe, they need to find the process easy and smooth, and they need to be treated by your site like they are valuable customers.

Create a user experience that turns visits into sales

We create online stores that not only look amazing, but are built with the user experience at the heart of development. The website should be extremely easy to use, fully functional and secure.

We look at every part of the users’ journey, from the moment a user lands on the site, to the moment they make a purchase and find out how we can keep them and make them come back again and again.

Visitors to your site will always look forward to a great online shopping experience and we are committed to ensuring that this is what happens.

We are experienced e-commerce developers

The way your site is created can make the difference between a user who buys and keeps coming back and one who leaves and ignores your name in the future.

A good performance-driven website needs to be created and this effectiveness comes after careful development of features and functionality.

Our experience, which exceeds 20 years, makes us understand what it takes to create user-friendly websites. Websites that are functional, fast and follow the necessary rules for SEO.

We are fully specialized in providing e-commerce services.

Our offerings include support, development, web design, digital marketing and hosting for all ecommerce solutions.

We want to ensure that we deliver the product you want and need and we believe that collaboration is key to achieving this.

Knowing your goals, we can provide you with the best advice on how to achieve them.

... we are more than just developers

eComm WEB

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What will you receive?

design package
online store eCommWEB

What you get with the eCommWEB design package


Responsive websites allow a website to adapt to different screen sizes, enabling you to offer each visitor the best possible experience.


E-shop based on the CMS of WordPress, the most popular content management platform & amp; product sales worldwide, and with the best response to Google searches worldwide.


WooCommerce e-shop software, the most widespread in the world, due to its flexibility and ease of use.

eShop Hosting

Your eshop is hosted on a standalone Virtual Machine based on your needs. We optimize the speed resulting in extremely fast page loading and the expected positive results in Google searches. Operation with absolute safety from malicious attacks and activation of daily and weekly backups.

Safety Certificate

Your eshop will have an SSL security certificate to ensure the trust of customers in your online store but also to ensure the secure exchange of data between the two parties, preventing malicious users from spying on data, as well as a very fast navigation signal.


We undertake the full support and maintenance of the e-shops that we deliver with the aim of their smooth operation 365 days a year. We monitor security parameters, server workload (monitoring), implementation of new actions and we provide you with support in advertising campaigns in order to continuously increase the orders you receive.



With the e-commerce package, we first agree to the design of the home page using the desktop view and then, once approved, go through the same design process as the mobile view of the home page.


Main Pages

Once both views of the homepage are approved, we repeat the process with the category page and also the product page. Only after the approval of these three main pages (with desktop and mobile views) do we start the creation process.



It is important that you are 100% satisfied with the design of the home page, category page and product pages before you start creating as design changes to these main pages after the end of the design may incur an additional charge.


Add categories and products

To create products, you need to define how you want the products to be organized on your site.
Most e-commerce sites have one, two or three category levels, however with our content management system you can have any number of category levels.
We undertake to add the categories and then the products directly to the content management system and we will provide you with training on how you can do this yourself.
We offer bulk imports (and bulk updates after the initial import).
Our experience suggests that the biggest task for a customer in creating a new e-commerce website is to create products, in terms of receiving information and not just adding it to the content management system, so it is important to understand your role in this.


Product Information

Each product will have many different fields that you manage through the content management system. The standard fields available are:
▪ Title
▪ Category (each product must belong to a main category and as many sub-categories as you want)
Κατηγο Additional categories (each product can include any number of additional categories)
▪ Description and 2 other large text fields (eg key features and specifications – often displayed in tabs on a product page)
▪ Images (you can upload any number of images per product with the first image being used from the product page)
▪ Price (you can either display products with a single price or as 2 prices where the second price is based on the first. It is mainly used by sites that quote a price with both VAT and without VAT)
▪ Sale-discount price (when a product is sold)
▪ Stock quantity (if you have a limited number of items after which the product appears on the site but you can not buy it)
▪ Merchant ID (optional and often used when you have a specific vendor reference)
▪ Tags (then used in product searches in a similar way to categories, eg “popular”, “new” or “sale”)
▪ Product options are also available (eg sizes, colors), but depending on your exact requirements, this may be an additional requirement


Product filters

Filters are a good way, used by many major ecommerce sites, to allow the visitor to reduce the number of products that are visible in a search.

You can create product filters in the site-level content management system which can then be displayed in the store and used to assist users in doing simple and / or specialized product searches.

Indicative search methods are: categories – subcategories, tags, price, keywords, specific product details (color, size, subscription duration, etc.)

Choosing filters that apply to individual products is a sure solution to finding and presenting products and definitely improves the user experience on your site.


Search by keywords

A keyword search based on either the product title or product description (or both) can be added to your e-commerce site so that visitors can easily find your products.
The search is smart, so it looks for the same text string, and / or one that contains what the user typed, giving it the ability to choose from words already in the store. It is important to keep this in mind when entering your product data.
Usually, this type of search is added to the site header, so when browsing the site it is easy for visitors to search for products, but as the e-commerce package design is custom the e-commerce search box can be added where needed.


Discounts · Offers

You will be able to set a discount amount or percentage per product or per property of each product, e.g. discount for a sofa and / or discount X% for gray three-seater and Y% for blue two-seater.

Depending on your requirements, we can make for you any combination or, depending on the case, the logic of discounts and offers. E.g. in the purchase of 2 products the 1 gift or in the purchase of a product from one category 50% discount in the purchase of a product from another category etc.


Discount Codes

Discount codes are a good way to encourage repeat orders or attract new customers.
You can create discount codes that can offer either a discount amount (eg 10) or a discount rate (eg 10%).
When generating a discount code, you can also specify a number of times that can be used (eg after 10 redemptions the code is no longer valid) and / or an expiration date (eg the discount code is valid for 7 days from its creation).
Keep in mind that discount codes are not the same as gift vouchers and we will be happy to develop a gift voucher installation for any customer, but as the requirements will vary depending on what your business needs, this is an additional requirement.

The discount code is entered on the purchase completion form and validated at that point in order to subsequently reduce the total amount to be paid.


Payment Gateways

The store will have 3 payment methods from the beginning: · Cash on delivery · Deposit in a bank account · Stripe – Payment by credit card (we create an account for you to accept credit card payments in Stripe).

We offer many different credit card payment portals and all of these portals act as off-site solutions, eliminating the need to process card payments with the additional compliance required. If you want to use a different payment gateway, contact us
and we will be happy to discuss if we can integrate the selected portal as an additional requirement.



While some of the payment gateways we work with may offer subscription payments, the e-commerce package only offers a one-time payment.

We have extensive experience with subscription payments, but this would be an additional requirement, as subscription models are usually very specific to individual business requirements.


Order completion flow

When visitors browse your site, the flow of orders is:

Arrival on a product page (this can come from a variety of paths, including a category page, e-commerce search page, or tagged products).

The product page will have a “buy button” which adds the product to the cart.

The user will be able to either continue shopping, or be led to the cart, or be led directly to the checkout.

When he selects the cashier, he will go to the corresponding page to select a suitable payment gateway.

After the completion of the order, using the payment portal of his wish, the customer will be redirected to a thank you page where all the details of his order will be listed.

By confirming a sale you can also set the content management system to send confirmation emails with a table of items ordered in a standard form.


Shipping Methods

We offer many different shipping options and the ability to also select the list of countries, departments, counties, cities and / or post offices. codes where you will want to send. If you need a shipping option that is not listed, contact us and we can see if it can be hosted either in our standard package or as a requirement:
  • Flat rate for each order (eg 4.95)
  • Price range for each order with free limit (eg 4.95 below 50 and free for orders over € </ span> 50)
  • Shipping zone (eg 0 to 100 shipping costs 4.95 and 101 to 200 shipping costs  € 3.95, over 201 is shipping cost 2.95)
    Shipping options based on geographical area (eg 3 options for Central Greece, 2 options for Macedonia and 1 option for the Rest of Greece)
  • Zone-based shipping options (similar shipping but easier to manage)

Customer Login

Once a customer has made a purchase, they will be able to log in using their email address and password.

Once logged in to their account, the customers will be able to view their order history and also edit their details which are used either for login or for ordering.
Once logged in, it will be easier for the customer to complete the purchase again, as his name and address will be completed during the purchase completion process. If a customer forgets their password, they will be able to reset the password using a password reminder page

Secure Certificate (SSL)

It is important for both browser development companies and Google to have SSL certificates where there are forms.

This simply means that the form data sent over the Internet is encrypted and less likely to be read by third parties. With e-commerce we believe it is essential to have an SSL certificate for your site.
We can provide an SSL certificate without the annual SSL certificate fee. The price of SSL is included in the e-commerce package we provide.

Order Management

An email notification will be received from the content management system for each order placed through your site.

The visitor will also receive an email and you can choose to include a table with the items ordered in a standard format in this email.

After that, the order will be available for viewing in the “customers” and “sales” section of the content management system.

You can also specify who will be notified by email of any change in status of the order.

Εκτός από την προβολή της παραγγελίας, μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε και να εκτυπώσετε ένα συνοπτικό PDF που μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για την αποστολή της παραγγελίας. Μπορείτε επίσης να κατεβάσετε αρχεία CSV για όλους τους πελάτες και όλες τις παραγγελίες.

We are sure you will not find a better & more special offer than that.

Everything you need is included

Web Site

Domain Name




Email Address


Basic SEO

Social Media

Management (CRM)

Dynamic Maps

Google Analytics

Google Console

Mobile Friendly


Complete Categorization & subcategorization, filters, menus


Design based on your corporate and product identity


Detailed presentation of products with photos, code (sku), short description, detailed description, quantity, zoom, discount rate, normal price or with offer, add to cart, direct purchase


Back Office (management system) to track your orders, products and customer base


Customer login procedure (sign in)


Product search engine with product display with image, title, price, sku.


Recommended products or popular on the home page of the e-shop


Selection of Related Products


Payment by bank deposit


Cash on delivery


Payment by Credit - Debit Card. Create an account on the Stripe online platform


Automated update of receiving the order to the customer when he completes it


Reset password to customer in case of loss by sending a new one


Mechanism for countdown of selected products


Show Pop up banners on the homepage to subscribe to a Newsletter


Display Cookies bar for acceptance when users enter the e-shop


Add extra quantity to cart or delete and update


Registered customers have the opportunity to see the history of their orders


Introduction of uniform transport charges throughout Greece


Creating shipping charge rules based on the weight of the product


Arrangement of free shipping costs for the amount of orders from an amount or more


Ability to inform the customer when paying by credit or debit card from the financial institution


Accepting an order from the administrator and automated information to the customer by email


Complete warehouse quantity control


Show availability in each product such as: immediately available, 1-3 days, 4-7 days, upon order and not available.


Adjust shipping costs for each product separately


Seo settings such as title writing, keyword entry, page description, categories & products


Create a sitemap and import it into the Google search console


Google map and contact information, business addresses and contact numbers


Checkout - Complete order with steps

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