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From web design and development to continuous marketing and support .
Today, an online presence is essential for businesses large and small.

Whether it’s a basic website or an e-commerce site, a beautiful, well-designed, functional mobile-friendly website is your window into a global web of customers.

All of our sites are custom-made and mobile-responsive.

Everything you need

for a successful online presence

Web Sites

Grow your business with a high performance website

Everything we design and develop is manufactured, using in-depth research and analysis of your market, customers, opportunities and competition.
This helps us set a number of goals for your site.
Then we take a step-by-step approach to delivering on your project. Delivery that includes sketched out ideas and brainstorming, wireframes production, front-end  & back-end development, as well as user tests.
And we do not stop there and live, of course. We provide ongoing support to ensure that your site continues to deliver results – we monitor, review and analyze how successful your site is performing, ensuring that it achieves its core objectives.

Our sites are specialized and tailored to your content. They also respond fully (mobile frendly) to mobile devices and tablet devices.
The websites we create are loved by our customers and their customers in turn. Take a look at our portfolio and see why.

Design · development

We bring our impressive designs to life with the functionality your users need
let’s create your own

Web Site

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Choose the package that suits your needs and requirements

Website design packages

Landing Page

micro WEB

lite WEB

pro WEB


Generate more sales on your site with user-centric design and functionality

online store design package

eComm WEB

Consumers love the web. They want to buy, they want to sell and they want to make any kind of transaction from the comfort of their keyboard.

Consumers need to feel safe, they need to find the process easy and smooth, and they need to be treated by your site like the valuable customers that they are.

E-Commerce Websites
We design and build beautiful e-commerce websites. With SEO optimized database as standard, inventory and customer management, related products, discount codes and all the other features you would expect from an e-commerce content management system.

digital marketing

integrated solutions ·


Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy for sending emails to candidates and existing customers.
Effective marketing emails turn prospective customers into buyers and buyers into loyal fans.

email Marketing

mail lists

On Display Now

videos · presentations

Video marketing uses videos to promote and market your product or service, increase loyalty to your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience through a new medium.

case studies


Web Hosting

Hosting on the fastest and most secure servers
Having the perfect website is one thing, but making sure it is online 24/7 without interruption is just as important.

Our web hosting packages offer some of the fastest speeds, helping your site load faster than your average competitors.

Daily backups on the site are included as standard on all of our hosting platforms, so we have your support if you need to use any of them.

We offer a fully supported hosting service with environments based on the requirements of your business.
This means that we manage all aspects of hosting for you. You do not need to worry about security, breach, backup, DNS setup or ensuring that your site is always available: we take care of it.
Special hosting services 24/7
Secure, reliable and professional hosting services that maximize operating time and maintain online business continuity.
what is included in the hosting packages

Web Hosting

We use innovative hosting solutions and implement Cloudflare premium services for our DNS hosting. This ensures that your site does not download, is kept secure, and runs quickly through caching.
We use tracking software, which means we can guarantee that your site is always accessible and running at maximum performance. In the event that problems arise or if your site slows down for any reason, we will notify you and start working on a solution.
Along with our hosting services we offer SSL certificates that allow the use of https (the green / padlock in the browser bar).

This improves the SEO of your websites and prevents “man in the middle” attacks, providing security to your users.

Web hosting is one of the most important things to consider when starting a new website or updating an existing one.

Speed ​​is everything today. Your users will leave very quickly if the site tries to load in front of them. Our servers are based in Germany and all run on SSD which means you will have some of the fastest response times with today’s technology.

Daily backups on the site are provided as standard with all of our hosting platforms, so you know you have recovery options in case you need them.
When hosting your site with us, we will also provide a free SSL for your domain!

backups are included

servers at very high speeds

possibility of expanding space

GDPR compatibility and data protection

Web Site AddOns

what is included for free in all design packages

Δωρεάν Web Site AddOns


Social Media Follow


Social Media Share


Photo Gallery

Google Analytics


Social Media Feeds


Google Search Console


SEO Optimization

Home Page Slider


Banners - PopUps


Emails Collection


Protection Shields

Contact Form


Customer Testimonials


Dynamic Maps


Booking Appointment

Spam filtering

specialized addons to meet high requirements

Advanced Web Site AddOns


Website Translation / per language


NewsLetters Create an Account


Advanced payment gateways


Advanced Shipping Methods


Reservation system of various types


Creating Events · Courses · Webinars


Create · Video Management


Advanced Import · Export Products


All our services are focused on achieving a primary goal: to increase the revenue of your business.

We know how to create successful websites and applications.

We have over 20 years of experience in managing successful online solutions.

We have designed amazing, easy-to-use websites, providing advanced digital solutions for many different companies, covering most business areas.

We work with you to offer you affordable solutions that combine personalized service with positive performance results.
Our after care packages will ensure the availability of your site with scheduled maintenance to keep it up to date, backup, security management and more.
We also ensure that you have the confidence and are fully trained to update your site, giving you the control you have always wanted.
fully specialized

WordPress & eCommerce
Web Design Specialists

Why you should choose us as your web design partner …


All the web designs we create use the award-winning and top content management system in the world – WordPress CMS.

WordPress CMS gives you the freedom to fully control and update your website whenever you want.


Every Website Design we create works on all devices: iPad, tablet, mobile phones, laptops and computers.
We make sure your site looks great on all screen sizes, giving potential new customers the best experience.


WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce CMS on the market – it has many features, it is easy to manage in the backend and it is well supported.
We work with companies that want to expand their business online and create customized online user experience design to get the desired result.
Whether we are building a corporate website or a complex e-commerce application, we always provide products that meet the highest standards, products that meet the needs of your business and exceed your expectations.

Here are some features built into our digital solutions

Custom design

User-centric central design that offers an intuitive and effortless navigation experience.

Goal orientation

Fast and direct routes that target your audience and turn users into consumers.

Mobile First

We help your customers find you no matter where they are and what device they use.

Statistical data

Learn from and about your users through detailed information and make informed decisions to promote your company.

High performance

Solutions optimized for speed and effective delivery of your content worldwide.

Quality content

Rich images, videos, infographics and interesting content that attracts visitors

CMS & eCommerce

Easily manage content and e-commerce seamlessly on one platform


Modern online solutions that are easily connected through third-party integrations.

Flexibility & Maintenance

Enjoy the freedom to explore new ideas and the flexibility to make changes often and quickly


Top-notch security, which helps keep you calm, especially when it comes to dealing with sensitive personal data and online payments

Scalable & Vertebrate

Our solutions are designed to provide full future scalability and adaptability as your needs increase

Cloud SaaS

A Cloud SaaS-only approach that focuses on providing freedom from infrastructure and security issues

Full autonomy

Gain autonomy and strengthen your team with the top technologies and tools of the internet

Promotional & Enhancer

Big or small, our solutions are always built to transform your business digitally one way or another
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